September 11, 2001


Democracy, freedom and civilization,

Cannot be forced.

Existing only in unity, but not alone.

History seems to have proven

They are both cause and effect.


Where did they develop? Where were they forged?

Were they born in Europe?

Twice sacrificed to dictatorship….

But by Western help and Western cure,              

Finally saved and not lost.


A nation that learns from its past,

Can better establish its future.

The infectious disease of indifference

Spreads rapidly because the world is smaller today.

It forges our affluent conduct.


By now progress has taught us fear… 

We are able to destroy the entire world…

At the end of things, rich or poor,

We will be materially equal….

When will we consider this ?

                      - 2 -

Out of all of the nations, all over the world,

Growing for over two hundred years

A nation known as the defender of freedom.

This nation, because it consists of all others,

Has saved us from a third World War.


This nation helped Europe, and the entire world

Easing the results of World War II.

Even helping enemies of democracy.

Rarely receiving thanks, never repayment…

But nothing hinders this nation from helping. 


On September eleven two thousand and one,

Freedom was raped!

The USA was disfigured by terror!

Democracy was put in question!

Civilization seemed ended…..


Despite thousands of victims, this nation

Will again reveal to the world:

It is an assurance for the democracy,

It will never give in to Terrorists.

It harbors a future for freedom !

                                                                           Christian M. Lappe

                                                                           Atlanta/Berlin 8+9/2001