A3004         “PSYCHOANALYSE”

The German is reasonable; to work is honor,

In the orderly German fatherland.

To father state everybody is an apprentice.

Never is anything “out of order”.

We pay to be able to listen to the radio, to see TV.

Yet It does not causes citizens resistance.

We follow orders, one can swear by that,

And disobedience is nearly unknown….


Our virtues, together with other matters,

Are inherited from the father to the son…

So can a “Fuehrer” make something out of it…

Mentality, pride, stubborness, precision.

Obeying laws, that we can do best…

If we are right, that is enough for us…

We are known for this in the east as in the west,

Worldwide, we slaves of German perfection.


Freedom confuses us; we used to be obsequious;

Freedom collides with our German nature.

We have to know, to order, to plan everything.

Even in our stupidity we are stubborn.

Abundantly blessed with all these attributes,

We obey almost every cartoon figure we meet.

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow,

Law, duty, orders often dictatorship….


We are great, the greatest we were as fascists;

That we have shown the whole world…

Afterwards we have been the best communists,

As long as the world was leaning to the east…

That Status Quo, that bothered Ronald Reagan,

He was not silent to Russia’s menace…

We are united now, but fearful and confused;

Helpless in freedom, but prosperity increases!


Until eighty-nine, all was quiet,  lifeless as a grave yard…

Stupidity and fear ruled in East-Germany.

One party “free” election had killed the yearning for freedom.

The security police had everything under control.

All citizens who did not want to obey the communist party,

Were “ socialistically” kept in check;

They were arrested, they were fleeing, and they died in the minefields;

The rest, towards the end, escaped under the “ church – roofs”.


Trading posts “QUELLE”, “KARSTATT”, “NECKERMANN” were not

The only help for the DDR on the economic side.

Until eighty-nine, all the free world quite cleverly knew,

East-concentration-Camp products are easy profits!

God be thanked; finally all of it came to an end,

Notwithstanding the forty years of red seed…

Russia’s breakdown provoked a change of direction

In our “Madhouse of the East German state”…..

                                                                                     Christian M.Lappe

                                                                                     Atlanta/Berlin (03/98)